Saturday, February 2, 2013

When God Made You

Recently I'm looking for songs that suite for wedding. My friend shared her wedding story and told me must choose some songs for wedding dinner or even wedding ceremony. So, it is never too early to search for that I think. I found this song, love it! Share with you all too!!


When God Made You lyrics


Its always been a mystery to me,
How two hearts can come together,
And love can last forever.
But now that I have found you I believe,
That a miracle has come when God sends the perfect one.
So gone are all my questions about why,
And i've never been so sure of anything in my life

Oh I wonder what God was thinking,when he created you.
I wonder if He knew everything I would need,
Because he made all my dreams come true.
When God made you, He must have been thinking about me.

Ooo ooo,I promise that wherever you may go, wherever life may lead you,
With all my heart I'll be there too.
And from this moment on I want you to know,
I'll let nothing come between us, and I will love the ones you love.
So gone are all my questions about why

Oh I wonder what God was thinking when he created you,
I wonder if He knew everythin I would need,
Because He made all my dreams come true.
When God made you He must've been thinking about me.

He made the sun He made the moon,
To harmonize a perfect tune,
One can't do without the other they just have to be together.
And that is how I know it's true,
Your for me and i'm for you and my world
Just can't be right without you in my life

Oh I wonder what God was thinking,when he created you.
I wonder if He knew everything I would need,
Because he made all my dreams come true.
When God made you, He must have been thinking about me.

He must have heard every prayer I've been praying. He must've knew everything I would need

When God made you, He must've been thinking about me.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


最近大家都在问我,几时结婚?我只能说:“等。。” 哈哈。。知道后一定大大声告诉大家!!
回想起来,很感恩。看见上帝怎样的保守我们俩在每一天的日子里。 从中六的开始,大学的距离考验。。。一直到现在。 我们都相信上帝必定带领我们未来的脚步,就像之前渡过的岁月里一样。

編曲:John Laudon

若等候耶和華的人 就是最幸福的人
每天跟隨著主腳步 不會後悔變改
若等候耶和華的人 祂賜人平安的生命
痛苦眼淚都要離開 因祂是我最愛


我這一生 有祂存在的每個日子裡

Saturday, January 12, 2013

New start!

Wow, I didn't update my blog for almost a year! Life at Japan really wonderful...I miss church members over there! Back to Bintulu....working life is quite challenging. Anyway, do my best for Tokuyama. >.<

New year wishes?
1) Bible reading- Poken and I started our reading journey! 4 chapters a day...get to know God's words more.
2) Our wedding? Wedding date still pending. Anyway, we just move on for what we can do now! I learned this animation maker recently. Still at beginner stage. It's fun and not hard to learn. Just took a lots of time to polish it if want to...
3) My family...wish to have more time to accompany my family at Miri...Grandma, Papa and Mama..

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ichigo Tabehodai + Snowboarding~

Strawberry Tabehodai Kaki desu~ Samuel the kakui-san that like to play e. guitar so much! Faizly the cute senpai that can cook very well and and speak good chinese senpai. Maizul the hikoki senpai coz he talk damn fast during the class and veronica, my ex-school's junior at St. Joseph, Miri.
Can you differentiate there were 3 types of strawberries in this bowl? Taste them then you will know the answer~ sweet, very sweet and another one smell sweet and taste damn sweet! haha ^^ After this strawberry tabehodai trip...I only knew there were many types of strawberries~ (Aiya...I just ate them all and keep in my stomach! YEAH~)

My 1st snowbooarding ever in my life. Really fun after I managed to control the snowboard and to slide down from the top~ At beginning, I took quite a long n hard time to balance myself on the board. Keep fall down and failed to slide down. I almost want to give up coz it was really painful and tired~ Thanks God, I managed to snowbarding from the top "ok"ly~ Feel GREAT after "hard" learning period! Nice sport and enjoyed with all my friends there. One more, the snow damn thick and soft~ Nice winter scene--> feel like entering the kingdom of Narnia before reach this ski center.
Okonomiyaki very famous at Hiroshima~ Actually is Japanese savoury pancake containing variety of ingredients such as soba, cabbages, egg and others. I called it as Japanese pizza~ haha

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

今日箴言:“不论我们身处任何环境,这对你、对我、对所有人,都是大喜的信息!不论我们的圣诞树是多么瘦弱,不论我们有任何人生际 遇,不管是有家人离去,患不治之症,抑或关系破裂,这都是个大喜信息:救主耶稣基督诞生了!天地的主已进入我们的生命里,进入我们的不幸中,进入我们的苦 难里,为我们带来盼望。因有耶稣同在,神赐给我们罪得赦免的盼望,以及蒙福的新开始。”


在这里的圣诞前夕,和朋友们忙着煮和准备聚餐~大家在异乡聚一聚也是一件很美的事!不能错过的,当然是在教会的圣诞前夕礼拜。点着蜡烛,在灯光之中唱诗歌和聆听信息。这情景,就让我回想起当年公公去世的那一个平安夜~(差点哭了出来~)当年的我,心情低落但又得在教会的平安夜献唱~好复杂的心情!前夕礼拜后,有茶点+魔术表演+唱诗歌~我很享受与弟兄姐妹团聚的时光。Aunties Uncles们都很关心我们~也很热情的招待我们 ^^V

哇,竟然下雪了!超级兴奋和开心~ 回到舞车Maiguruma宿舍,继续第二场聚餐。更大的雪来了~大家跑出去,在最短的时间里与雪花们拍照!平安夜的雪花飘,真的很感动,很美丽~


日本的白色圣诞,很漂亮!谢谢上帝让我能目睹到白色圣诞的一刻!想念我的家人,想念我亲爱的~ 愿神与他们同在!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Miyajima Trip~

Itsukushima (厳島) is an island in the western part of the Inland Sea of Japan, located in the northwest of Hiroshima Bay . It is popularly known as Miyajima (宮島), the Shrine Island. So we reached Miyajimaguchi station 1st, then only proceed to Miyajima Port~ So excited!! Thanks God gave us good weather to enjoy the trip~
Saturday, damn crowded! Even in the Maru, is really "people mountain people sea!" Everyone want to go Miyajima~ Yeah yeah...I am sure is a nice place~
Deers are roam freely. Deer are thought of as sacred in the native Shinto religion because they are considered messengers of the gods. U can see deers all around here. ^^V (They are cute, but I still don't dare to touch them)
1st trip that bring my X5 Kiss out "gai gai" around~ Hehe..still beginner and not really know how to use the functions well. Luckily gt my sifu-Raymond here. Especially manual mode, hard to shoot the picture nicely... >.Maple-shaped fish cake~ 250yen It is really delicious and nice~ Very QQ! We enjoyed this maple fish cake so much. I ordered Tako flavour~ Nice!
Itsukushima Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritahe Site. According to records, the shrine was established in the time of Empress Suiko. The warrior-courtier, Taira gave the shrine its present form.

The island of Itsukushima, including the waters around it (part of Seto Inland Sea), and are within Setonaikai National Park. This sea is affected by strong tides. At low tide, the bottom of the sea is exposed past the island's Torii. At high tide, the sea covers all the previously-exposed mud and fills areas underneath the Shrine. When we reached there, we managed to get near to the Otorii bacause it is still low tide period.

Miyajima's maple trees are renowned throughout Japan, and blanket the island in crimson in the autumn. Wow, is really beautiful and amazed with the Autumn Scene here~ This is the 1st tree that we managed to stop and took some pictures here. Too crowded, so need to wait for our turn to take pictures.
The position of the maple leaves under the Sun make the maple looks nice~ I like this photo. Do you? Haha ^^
Goju-no-to Pagoda from Senjō-kaku Temple. Just only see from outside.
This type of maple leaves are small. Damn small. Last time I thought all the maple leaves are in big size. Hmm, I think I am wrong now~ Haha...
At high tide, the Otorii from far~ Morning we still hanging around there beside the Otorii~

Miyajima= The Otorii + deers.
Bye Bye Miyajima~ Love this Island! Really a beautiful place ^^

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So..where am I now~ myself also confused when 1st reach here. ^^V Yamaguchi is prefecture and shunan-shi is the town and Tokuyama is part of the Shunan-shi. Tokuyama is the name of my company actually. Tokuyama company is famous at here. I told church aunties uncles I am Tokuyama no kenshusei..they all know this company quite well~

2 weeks at Training centre. I learnt a lots especially about P&ID and plant set-up thingi. To know different kinds of unit equipments that use in Silicon Plant. Recall back what I had learnt in USM. One more, we were taught to control the system and to understand each process well. Senpai them very nice. They taught us patiently and enjoy their class everyday. Everday learn new knowledge! (Sometime "fishing" during lecturing lo...coz beh tahan already ma..)

Ever try cycling under the rain! Damn cool! Anyway, have to wear raincoat for sure. When cycling, we are not allow to hold umbrella. even use headset to listen song while cycling also cannot. Go anywhere..just cycle lo~ as long as ur legs tahan! Go church bt bicycle too. 2 weeks' sunday were raining..big challenge to go church. Anyway, thanks God bless me and give me safe journey to church and bac aparto safely everytime. I enjoyed the church service at here. Although they all speak Japanese..I still can feel the warmness of church through Rev and members here. Anyway, I try to "upgrade" my Nihongo..Ganbatte!

One more, I enjoy cooking here! I got my own kitchen! excited and happy when 1st time see my cute little kitchen~ refrig and cupboard->always full~ Everyday bring bento to company~ Haha...y? coz senpai said company's bento not nice to eat~ jibunde ryori kara.

My 3rd week at Training centre~ So, Ganbatte and hope I can learn all the knowledge I gt from TC and apply in plant practical in future! ^^V